Stilla Rörelse (Still Movement)

A rapid turnaround with my head paints an indescribable image from a not necessarily spectacular surrounding. It takes shape as when turning a bucket filled with water upside down and the content flows straight down - soon it lays like a puddle on the ground. Like a spot caused by the sun, the image remains on the retina and refuses to disappear. Slowly and inevitably it thins away and in vain I try to remember every little detail, every little drop of water on its way down to the ground.

These pictures are the result of my attempt to capture these vivid flashes from my subconscious mind, even if they are hidden underneath and pass by one after another. But there is something incredibly genuine over these moments: the feeling that nothing can take away these spontaneous revelations from me.

Carl Löwstedt Lundell
Mars, 2016


February 2017 - Bromma Bistro - Stockholm, Sweden
May 2018 - WoM Fest, Villa Bottini - Lucca, Toscany, Italy
July 2018 - Punto G Galleria d'Arte - Pietrasanta, Toscany, Italy